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Questions Questions Questions....


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May 19, 2000
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Sup everyone....alright I recently took out the front door factory speakers and replaced them with Pioneer TS-A1666 Coaxial Three-way 6 1/2 inch speakers......they sound AWESOME. One of my questions is now, what should I replace the rear door speakers with? I was thinking anything from a 4 inch midrange to a 6 inch sub....what would you recommend? Also do you think a RF150a2 would drive 2 12" bass tubes better then the factory amp (I have it driving one 12" bass tube)......Would that pound em out harder then the factory amp? Also would anyone know how much 2 slim style truck boxes w/ 10"'s and horn tweeters made by Illusion would run? Thanks for your time

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Why are you running bass tubes? They take up more space than a regular box, are more expensive, have low quality woofers, and in my opinion don't sound all too great. Yes the RF 150a2 would be better for the 2 12" subs. RF amps are really awesome. I've got the RF150a2 and have been running in bridged in mono and running it a 2ohms with absolutely no problems for about 4 months now. My 2 10"s are really loud. People think I've got 2 12"s or even some people think I've got 1 15". The amp is a good choice but I don't know about the bass tubes. Just my opinion.

Yes i finally found another person of this fourm that thinks rockford is the coolest. I have 2 500a2 and i love them. I have an intire rockford system. But anyways why do you have 2 bass tubes? Usually if you are going to get two subs you would get 2 subs in a box. Also i wouldn't run any subs off you stock amp. It puts out some crappy ass watts which are more likly to screw up your sub. Get a Rockford amp cause it puts out a lot more cleaner watts.

If you don't care if the people in the rear, then by all means, just get some midbass in the rears. Rear fill only is considered a small range of frequencies, so the 6s would do you well. However, you might get complaints from people in the back about why their sound isn't so good.

Make sure you seriously listen to those prefabbed truck boxes with the horn tweeters in them. Sometimes the bass can be okay, but in those "combo" boxes, those horn tweeters usually sound poor, sort of harsh and ear piercing like a PA speaker. Try to listen to some nice, softer music with them and see if they meet your expectations, particularly for the midbass and voice frequencies, since all it has is a sub and a tweeter.

I would stay away from the 2 way truck boxes. Hell I'd buy bass tubes before I bought truck boxes. They'll destroy your front stage. Look into getting 1 or 2 10"s or 12"s. Trust me if you get good stuff now you'll be happy for a long time.


Yea the 2 way boxes suck, thats why i'm trying to sell them. I got bass tubes because I think they sound better.....I could care less about the space they take up, which isnt much anyway.....whats so bad about bass tubes?

bass tubes? you can do better than that mannnnn... nah seriously, for the money, and for they way they sound, i think that youd be much better off with a band pass. im using a sealed box now and feel that they would sound much better in a trunk as they did in my other car... the thing with tubes is that they are more noise than sound, its just rubberband bass and lacking the sound quality that a normal box setup would have. just my opinion

Bass Tubes (i.e. Bass Cannon, Bazooka, ect.) are all going to sound the same. It's basically an oversized midbase piped through sono-tube. The accoustics are not the best in the world. Basically they use free-air subs and point them into the bass chamber. A cheap way to get alot of boom but not alot of fidelity.

Those of us into SQ (Sound Quality) would prefer 1 10" sub in the proper sized box to 2 bass tubes due to the sound they produce.

My recomendation is, if you want to have somthing like that and have GOOD sound look into the new Infinity stuff... Like the Infinity Bass Link. I'm not sure how many watts it takes, but that really doenst matter.

If you want just boomy bass, go with some cheap Rockford Fosgate 12"s. If you want LOUD sound with good accoustics go with some Diamond Mac-Daddy Dual Voice coils. Be warned, the Mac-Daddy are a leach when it comes to power. Like drinking it through a straw baby!

I bet the sub in the bass tube is a lower quality than the stocker sub. For the price of a Bazooka tube $200-$300 you could get a good 12" sub and box. 1 12" would slam 100 times harder than a bass tube.

Well, if you're talking about prefabbed tubes, then they'd probably sound poor. If you loaded a nice sub in there properly volumed, I'd think it'd sound relatively the same with a few pros and cons. Firstly, since it's a round tube, they don't really make tubes out of really super heavy material, but on the other hand, structurally, the tube would be better, because it doesn't really have sides that might flex like a box. Most tubes are ported, so they'll sound less defined than a sealed box anyday, but a sealed tube, maybe that'd be different. Who knows. I'd say listen to them both, and if you can't tell the difference, then get the tube. Some people think bandpass is awesome. If they can't even hear a difference, then more power to 'em. They're probably happier than I'll ever be with a sealed box, and for about $400 less.