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Quick Advice needed. Buying an 07 Limited, 4WD, V8


November 1, 2006
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I'm about to buy the truck I have been looking for with all the specific options I've been looking for.


07 ST Limited, V8, rear power window, leather, 18's, Trailer Towing, 4WD, Silver, 32k...I'm at 24k...IS this a fair price? I think it's a bit on the high side but I rather pay a little more then continue to shop and spend time...It's emotion at this point but I need a sounding board to make sure I am not nuts.

Thank you.

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It seems a little on the high side, you just have to ask yourself if you like it that much. I would disregard the 18"s and the power rear window as wheels can be added and the power rear window was standard.

Times are tough, offer 20k.

Check kbb.com

Sounds fair to me. My 08 Limited 4X4 V8 loaded with 23k miles is still retailed at 31K.

I agree at 20k. But it's only a little bit high at 24k, but they have to start somewhere. :) Might be what you're looking for, but they're also pricing it for a home run fully expecting to have to come down a little bit to get a sale. If anyone like yourself is in the showroom right now looking for a car, and willing to take one off their hands, nobody is going to tell you to get lost...

You know thinking on it 24k is not bad if they throw in some extras. Have them include standard maintenance.
Hopefully this is at a ford dealer.

I think thou you could do better with a new truck, with lower interest rates you could end up paying the same in the end.

This may be too late, but I'm going to have to agree that the price is high. You should be able to get that for around 20k I'd say. There are so many different options available that you really need to look at all the smaller items. Does it have keyless entry? Audio jack? Tonnau cover? I spent a long time looking at different ones and examining photos until I found the right one and had to drive 4 hours to get it! The sad thing is that there really aren't as many to choose from like Explorers.

EB: I'm still looking and doing the same thing you recommended. Prices around here (Ct-NY-Ma) are all over the place ranging from 22k to 25k for a loaded Limited, V8, 4x4...ya, I definitely have figured out I will have to drive to get what I want. The hardest part I've had to deal with are dealers.

I went to look at a V8 yesterday. Was told to go to one location when I got there I was told it was at their other location and when I got there I was told someone told me the wrong place and the vehicle was 5 minutes from the first place. So after that I said ^&%$ this and left.

Another dealer has the exact truck I want but they are some screwed up. I've not talked to the same person twice. One lady told me yesterday that one of the questions I asked her was not her job and "Joe" had to answer that...so, I've grown less and less enthusiastic to buy a truck from them.

I have time on my side but it is frustrating.

For those prices they better have a tonnau cover. To get one from the dealership will cost over $1500. I can't remember the price exactly but it's not something that you'll want to have to purchase later. I got mine for around 20k with every feature except memory seats and sync with 28k miles. So it really is possible and these aren't just numbers thrown out there.