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quick axle question

ok so i'm getting a bonus for getting in the army. so i got some spare cash 2 spend on my truck. i went 2 a shop and asked them if they could do the live axle swap and custom lift.it's gonna be like 1500 bucks. all i need 2 do is find the axles. he said toyota axles are way better than a d44 and a 8.8. are toyota axles all that strong? well another question rises . if i get a d44 from what do i get it from and what do i do about the different bolt pattern and wider front axle? i wanna run 36's. i will have the perry fiber glass fenders in about a month or two so rubbing is outta the question i think. any info would be great i don't wanna spend 2 grand here and watch it not work or have weak axles. thanks alot guys :cool:

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i wouldnt use the toyota axles... they are good axles... however, the explorer is a lot heavier... and to use explorer rims, you will need to use the axles from a pre 95 4x2 pickup... and they are only a 7.5" ring gear..... the reason for this being that the stout toyota 8" was scarcely available in the v6 equipped 4x2s for a couple year span and all the otehr 1/2 ton trucks used the 7.5" they both had 5 on 4.5" patterns....

the 8" used in 4x4 toyota versions have a 6 bolt pattern....

Um..............the Yota diff is on the wrong side.

You may want to find another fab shop!

robb, is it? in my truck, its directly in the middle... i have a 7.5" rear with a 5 on 4.5" bolt pattern form a 1985 toyota pickup

EDIT: however, i ditto on the find another fab shop

you know what.. jsut reread and thought about this... all the stuff i posted was for the rearend.......

the toyota fronts all used an IFS setup after 1986 with a 7.5" diameter.....

so what do y'all recomend a d44 in front. but off of what a old bronco. my friend said a 70 bronco d44 would prolly work. they guy didn't really get under my truck and look. and i haven't really looked at a toyota closely 2 know the pumpkin is on the wrong side:-/. somebody said spacers for the 8.8 are made 2 even it out w/the d44. who would make this.

jimabena74 said:
robb, is it? in my truck, its directly in the middle... i have a 7.5" rear with a 5 on 4.5" bolt pattern form a 1985 toyota pickup
I was referring to the front.


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Stay away from the yota gear. As mentioned, its all on the wrong side.

If i were doing it, this is what i would do. Find an early bronco front D44 from a 71-75. You will be able to get it dirt cheap because it will be drums. They sell for next to nothing. Swapping it to discs is super cheap and easy using this method-

The chevy brakes are much better than the Ford brakes on the 76-77, and are cheaper/easier to swap on. The caps for the radius arms arent cast like the fullsize trucks, so you can cut them off if you want to run leaf springs.

ok james t, but check it out guys. i saw a 86 jeep wagoneer w/a d44 pumpkin on the left side and i know u can throw lockin hubs on them. is it possible. the axles are wider but as i was told the axles in the rear aren't a problem thanks get back 2 me

I am in the middle of a waggy 44 swap on mine. Lizardtrac (sp?), has also swaped a waggy 44 into his. Do a search in the Solid Axle Swap Regestery fourm for "Skunk 44." It's a good thread.


would a d44 off a 86 wagoneer work ?

Just as long as it is a drivers side drop housing, and make sure it doesn't have a vacume operated locking system. Nothing really "works," no SAS is a bolt on, it all takes time, skills, and welding (which I and working on all three :confused: )