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Quick & Dirty Leaf Spring Questions


February 5, 2018
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Mesa, AZ
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97 Explorer Sport
Hey all,

I am trying to figure out which springs I want to use, so where better to ask than here!? Don't roast me with the "Use the search" function just yet.

I read through many of the threads, but most are old, and I want to make sure all the info is still valid.

My rig is a 1997 Sport 2DR 2WD with a sagging MONO Leaf on the driver's side. Obviously it makes sense to replace them with a 4-door style pack. I'm considering a set of used Deavers G50 because we go play in the desert. If I decide not spend the money, then I'll just do a set from SD Spring.

One thing that I noticed is that all the replacements are 2 1/2" wide springs, but the mono-leaf is a 3" wide spring and narrowed to 2 1/2" at the eyelets. I would assume that the bottom spring plate (Where the shock attaches) has 3" wide holes for the U-Bolts.

Does anything need to be addressed on this? Different U-Bolts, plate, etc..?

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I'm going to get new leafs through ATS. They're asking 100 a price for SUA (code F). Not sure if they will be better than SD Spring.
As for the anchor plate, I think they are all the same. You can always cross check part numbers to make sure.

Some one who's done this kind of swap will chime in eventually and give the correct answers to your questions.

I looked at ATS also. Their website is weird and I only see two springs available for the explorer. Both list as "spring over axle". Do you have a link to the ones you're considering?

You'd need to get a 2.5" mounting plate.

The u-bolts will work if long enough for the thicker leaf pack.

You'd need to get a 2.5" mounting plate.

The u-bolts will work if long enough for the thicker leaf pack.

Thank you. Just snag some mount plates from a 4-door? right?

I have some info that may be helpful for others doing a leaf spring swap for their Sport.

I've noticed that the part numbers for replacement leaf packs are the same across a few different sites, I would assume they source them from the same places. I took all the info from sdtrucksprings.com

43-1183 - Factory Mono-Leaf replacement. 3" Width narrowed to 2 1/2" at the eyelets. 1131 Lb spring capacity. 4 5/8" Arch

43-1159 - 4-Door Leaf Pack 3/1. 2 1/2" Width. 1100 Lb spring capacity. 6 1/2" Arch

43-781 - Ranger Leaf Pack 3/1. 2 1/2" Width. 1250 Lb spring capacity. 6" Arch

43-781HD - Ranger Leaf Pack 4/1. 2 1/2" Width. 1750 Lb spring capacity. 5 1/2" Arch

Deaver Springs - The Ranger packs will work, but Deaver said they would be kinda squishy. Of course, they're open to making a custom set if you want to spend the $$. You can use the F31 or G50 part #'s. 2 1/2" lift over stock. The G50's are the 10 leaf pack and the F31's have 7 leafs.

All of the above mentioned leafs will require the 2 1/2" spring anchor plate (Except the stock replacement Mono-Leaf)