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quick leaf question

im trying to decide what leafs to use for my sas and i was wondering if anyone has used the 4dr stock explorer leafs? I have them in the rear of my ex now with SOA, AAL, and shackels and i clear the 36's with ease. So if i can do this in the rear then why not use them in the front right? Opinions??

To soft. Up front I am using a jeep wrangler 4 leaf pack that I added a leaf to. I cut the main leaf of the ranger pack to fit as the second spring in the pack. It is barely good as it is. It could be stiffer and be much better.

I'm gonna be using 7 leaf pack stock Wagoneer springs. There's a few guys who use them on here. I'll be able to give my first hand experience in a couple weeks though!:)