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Quick question about installing gauges


October 23, 2003
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west springfield, ma
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91 xlt
Hi, im about to install my new reverse indeglow gauges from Otto Racing and i was just wondering if you have to remove the factory gauges or not, and if you dont how do you get them to stay in place, did you use glue or tape, or something like that. Thanks if any one knows.

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i didn't remove mine and they were a major PITA to line up with the orignals. and they still don't line up perfectly. i have gotten use to it. i know ppl have removed them and have had better luck.

post pics when you are done!


I used tape to line mine up, but then my RPM gauge kept sticking so i put a little silicone behind the gauge and they are perfect. Mine aren't lined up perfect, but it's not noticable.

I have some of these gauges I want to install as well, I might try removing the originals though. I've been told by a car shop that these gauges dont last very long though...he said I'd be back in 6 months because for some reason these gauges dont work well on the explorer. Is this true? Is there anybody who has had these gauges on their X for awhile without any problems?

If your worried about it not lining up right, then you could get a gauge overlay. They sell them on ebay in stainless, or carbon fiber. Thats what I did, and they look perfect. Heres a picture of my otto racing gauges and the carbon fiber overlay: http://www.sounddomain.com/memberpage/491796/4

That's a tyte setup! Thats kinda what mine will look like b/c I got a stainless bezel too, but I was placing it over the gauge overlays and it didnt seem to line up quite right, so I may have to install it later after I take a file to it. Also, I think the Euro Reverse Gauges line up a little differently. People have been saying they havent been getting them to line up and they're a PITA :(.