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quick question on tire size.

So, I went to Sams Club to check out the different tire sizes in person.

Stock size is 255/70/16 (They had a Goodyear Wrangler in that size), and compared to the 265/75/16 (BFG A/T) tires I want to get, they look small.

There was also a 285/70/16 (BFG A/T), that looked a lot larger than the 265/75/16 (BFG A/T), but when I put the numbers into a tire size calculator, in reality they aren't that much larger.

Sidewall: 7.0"
Radius: 15.0"
Diameter: 30.1"
Circumference: 94.4"
Revs/Mile: 671.0

Sidewall: 7.8"
Radius: 15.8"
Diameter: 31.6"
Circumference: 99.4"
Revs/Mile: 637.0

Sidewall: 7.9"
Radius: 15.9"
Diameter: 31.7"
Circumference: 99.6"
Revs/Mile: 636.0

So, would I be able to run a 285/70/16 on the stock 16x7 teardrop rim, with TT and shackle lift?

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Sure, it'll fit just like running a wide 32", BUT you may want to check for rub at full steering lock with that width. If your TT isn't high enough in front, it will rub. You can guesstimate if it'll rub or not by measuring the tread width of the 285's, then check how much clearance the 255's have at full lock, and figure with the extra width and an inch or two of lift where the inside of the 285's will wind up.

I went to the store, and compared tires again. I measured a stock size tire (255/70R16) and it's like 9.75" wide (not mounted on a rim). A 265/75R16 (the size I was looking at) is about the same, and the tire I looked at (BFG A/T) was about 30.5 from the floor to the top of the tire. The 285/75R16 was about 10.5" wide, and measured right at 32" from the floor to the top of the tire. So, there was a 1.5" increase in height and about 3/4" increase in width if I go from the 265/75R16 to the 285/75R16.

I wonder if a tire place would let me 'test fit' a tire.

Going by those numbers, I'd say go for it, since half the height/width is the real difference when it comes to rub. With a 1" lift, the extra 0.75" of height and 0.375" of width should be taken care of. If you get even more out if the TT in front, it will clear even better. Your bigger issue might be whether your local Sam's is one of those that cares whether you put larger tires than stock on your Explorer or not. Even if they do, you can just bring in your wheels off the truck and do it that way.

So the 285/75R16's are close to being 33" tires. 32.8"x11.2" to be exact.

Would I be able to clear them just by having done TT and shackles? I hardly do any off-roading, so I'm not worried about "rubbing under flex". I guess I could do a 2" BL if I need to, but don't want to at the moment.

Go to the BFG web site for the *real* numbers. Their specs take into account how the tire's shape changes when mounted and inflated.

10.2" wide on a 7.5" rim
30.2" diameter
689 revs per mile

265/75-16 (D load range)
10.6" wide on a 7.5" rim
31.7" diameter
656 revs per mile

(Look at it another way: The larger tire is 0.4" wider, and 1.5" taller... split both those numbers in half, and that means that at all points, the larger tire will be 0.2" farther from the centerline, and 0.75" farther from the center of the wheel. Check your clearances to the fascia and the fender, as well as the steering and suspension components)

The BFG web site does not list a 285/70-16. They list a 285/75-16 (D or E) or a 285/70-17. The specs for the 285/75-16(D) are:
11.4 wide on 8" rim
32.8 diameter
634 revs per mile.

I've never found a tire shop that would 'test fit' a tire, but it can't hurt to ask. If it's a size they normally stock, they may give it a whirl, knowing that they can always re-shelve it if it never hits the road.



Scam's Club will only sell you the factory recomended tire size.

The 265/75R16's are more like a 32" tire, a 33" would be something like 32.5-32.8" diameter, and would need more lift to clear for sure. I'd say you'll clear those 265/75R16's just fine, it will really depend on how much clearance you have now at full lock...if theres plenty of room already, you might not even need a lift. Turn the wheel to full lock and get under your ride to check how much clearance there is. If it's not much, you'll want at least a TT/Shackle lift. You also might want to inquire beforehand at Sam's about purchasing these tires for your Explorer, they may not care, or they may say "these aren't in the computer for your Explorer, so we can't put them on."

I've decided on the BFG A/T KO's, 265/75R16. I parked at Circuit City yesterday next to a Blazer that had the same exact tire, and the difference was amazing. The top of the tire was higher than the bottom of my fender flares (Eddie Bauer plastics).

I can get a set of 4 shipped from www.4wheelparts.com for like $566 (if they don't charge sales tax, $615 if I do). I went to my local "discount tire store" and a set of 4 w/ tax, including balancing and mounting was like $915!! I almost choked. 4wheelparts.com here I come!

Pretty good choice, though unsurprising. Just be sure you have a local place that will mount and balance for you if you're just getting tires. You also might want to keep your old ones if they're usable and sell them rather than paying to have them disposed of.

Pretty good choice, though unsurprising. Just be sure you have a local place that will mount and balance for you if you're just getting tires. You also might want to keep your old ones if they're usable and sell them rather than paying to have them disposed of.

Yeah, I hope I don't have a problem getting them mounted. I ended up paying $615 shipped to my door for the 265/75R16's A/T KO's.

Have the Discount Tire match the online price with shipping. You'll be out the sales tax, but have the benefits of free rotations, etc.