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Quick question on torsion bars...


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July 30, 2000
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1995 XLT 4.0L OHV 4WD 4dr
Ok...I am planning to lower my Explorer using a 2" kit that I have found...Only problem is, it only provides blocks/u-bolts for the rear...For the front, I want to "crank down" the torsion bars about 2" or so. However, since I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT A TORSION BAR IS nor do I have any clue as to its location, I can't proceed. So basically, I would like to know:

1. What are torsion bars?(purpose, etc)
2. Where are they? (specifically)
3. How does one "crank down" their torsion bars?
4. What is the physically possible limit of "cranking them down" in inches? (such as to lower the Explorer)
5. Is there anything negative that comes to mind when you think of cranking torsion bars on an Explorer down approximately 2"? (If so, be specific)
6. Can it be done reliably? (Any other input would be welcome as well)

Thanks a lot guys...I look forward to your responses

1995 Explorer XLT 4.0L V6 OHV 4x4 4dr
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1) They are part of the suspension system. I don't know their exact purpose though.
2) They connect to the front suspension system. The point where you "crank" them is in the transmission frame crossmember, in an opening on either side. Look for 2 bolts (one on each side) peeking out from under the crossmember.
3) To crank them down, you release tension on them. Jack up the front end and support it by the front frame crossmember. Then you turn the bolts (exactly the same on each side) lefty-loosy. To raise the front end, it's righty-tighty.
4) I've heard the best limit is about 1.75" However, some have cranked them down enough to pull them all the way out. I wouldn't do this.
5) The ride will become harsher: you'll feel bumps more and have a tendency to "fall in" to potholes instead of bouncing over them.
6) It can be done reliably, but if you crank them down too much you can stress other components and your own tooth fillings. I would recommend shocks special for lowered Explorers. Oh, you will need your alighnment done.

The torsion bars are the springs. Instead of coils or leafs.

Wouldn't the ride be softer if you lowered the torsion bars? The reason the Explorer lifts when you do a TT is because they are tightening up and making the spring rate higher.

My X feels softer after the TT (lift) over bumps, but sways less in corners.

? ? ?

I'm thinkin' that the more you lower / loosen the TB the worse your camber is gonna get , be sure they correct it when you align it . Also the ride should get pretty soggy , I'd recommend lowered shocks to stiffen the ride back up . My 2 cents , goodluck ...