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Quickly made shortened shifter!

September 20, 2012
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1992 Explorer EB
Basically, I grew tired of smacking my coffee in 2nd, 4th, and reverse as well as the knob flying off all the time. I hose clamped it but that still didn't hold up and cut my finger a few times.

So as I was moving scrap copper/brass into my shed, I spotted something and innovation began to happen.

Basically to do this I used an old Sharkbite 1/2" to 3/4" union, a pair of needle nose pliers, a razor knife, something to cut metal, and an angle grinder

After trimming about 1/2" of the rubber casing, I found that the 3/4" end of the Sharkbite fits over the shift knob. This is also the end that will be able to be released if you need to remove the shift knob later.

Then after a bunch of measuring twice and holding the knob where I thought it would end up once it's on, I hacked the end of the shifter off. This much lowered the knob about an inch or inch and a half from the original position. It's all on you how much you want to move it.

Then I had to grind the shifter itsself a little bit, as well as remove the plastic release collar from inside of the sharkbite's 1/2" side. Don't grind too much off, you want it to be so tight that the teeth inside grab. Make it so you have to use a rubber hammer to get it all the way on.

After that, I cut the shifter boot off about 1/2" higher than where I cut the shifter off. This made it slide over top of one end of the Sharkbite to help keep it in place.

Finally I tapped on the sharkbite, and pushed the shift knob into place. After a few good pulls and I drove it 50 miles today, it's quite snug. It's a little easier to shift, doesn't smack my coffee, and even though I originally had wished to have it even shorter, I think it turned out perfect.

This started out to be a temporary fix, too. Now I just have to put in a shifter bushing kit since mine most likely has NO bushings left in there!

And a beer bottle test, even though I don't drink until I'm done driving!:D

Interesting idea. Looks good, though I'd paint that brass.

Cool idea! Yeungling is a good idea too! :D

Look for the cup holder in 95+ with the standard console (not full length) The cupholder is staggered and clears the shifter at stock height.

This isn't a very good pic, because I was more focused on the shifter cup holder, but I think you get the idea.