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quiet exhaust


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November 5, 2005
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'95 XLT 4x4 4dr.
So the "search" button reveals that opinions recommend the Flowmaster 70 as the quiet performance muffler.
Problem is, I have a '95 4.0 ohv 4 door 4x4, which I think has 2.25" pipes as opposed to the Flowmaster 70's 2.50" pipes.
Is there another comparable quiet performance muffler out there?

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Most local auto retailers (pepBoys, advancedAuto, autoZone) will have reducers that will allow you to fit the FlowMaster 70's 2.5" tubes on to your existing 2.25" tubes.


So will the 70 series muffler set up with OEM pipes still provide a performance increase?
I'm not looking for much, but if there is no increase, I might as well stay with the OEM replacement part.

The Flow 70 is a great muffler, however, to reach its potential you should go with 2 !/2" pipe from the cat back.

I have that set up and love it. No interior drone.

Good luck .......

Thanks for the tips! One more question (maybe).
I looked at the picture of the 70 on Flowmasters website. It doesn't have the hangers on the muffler like the OEM. Did you have to have one welded on it? Or how do you attach it to the underbody?