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RABS Valve leaking brake fluid at connector


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October 25, 1999
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1991 Explorer 120,000 miles

I replaced my defective RABS valve. When I installed the new one, the flanged connector leaked on the drum brake side. I tightened it too much and subsequently stripped the threads.

I obtained another RABS valve and installed a new brake line and double flanged fitting. Once again, this fitting is leaking.

An auto parts person advised that the double flange on the 3/16" tube that enters the RABS valve is a different angle than the standard 45 degrees. A Ford mechanic told me that this is not the case and 45 degrees is the proper angle.

What gives?

Thank you. Doug

They are 45deg. I have had problems in the past getting new brake lines to seat and found that sometimes all that you need to do is remove the fitting, then reinstall it. Don't know why, but it has worked.