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Race truck to 1 ton crawler explorer build

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As always plans change for me and I decided that I want to build a more hardcore trail rig then any other I have had yet, but try to keep cost not terrible LOL. So gunna use my tuff truck chassis explorer sport. I wanted something to start with that body panels dont matter so this will be perfect and it has been allready extremly simplified I only want just basic things needed to run and monitor.

Current 4.0 5spd
thinking about a C4/C5 build
1 tons
39.5 Iroks?
Build will be kinda slow compared to my other rigs due to time and funds.

Here is the front axle, 79 Ford Dana 60, my buddy has had it sittn for a few years and I talked him out of it. Today I cut off the stock brackets, and loosely mocked up my weld on wedges and radius arms.







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Taking up space in the garage, just trying to get it so I can roll it out and finish some other stuff that is more a priority

Dont make fun of the cage was made using up left over stuff, its not the prettiest but will do the job.


Also today just to stay busy I worked on explorer most of the morning and tonight I have been mocking up my old Dana 44 and 8.8 under my friends YJ, its gunna be kinda big LOL, he is going to remove the 2in body lift which will help a little.




Also in the middle of all this I'm also restoring a mint orginal 86 Kawasaki Tecate 3 and building a budget Explorer Sport 5in lift build for a buddy. O just nothing to do LOL.

Front axle was roughly mounted over weekend, still need few things and a track bar and steering, I was able to roll it out of the garage. :)

Looks pretty good, I was thinking a 14bolt in the rear, but I think I can get a really good deal on Sterling 10.5 from 00 Superduty $100 bucks with brakes, and I have read about redrilling the hubs for 8x6.5 pattern and using E350 rotors. Lots of those will be in junkyards if you need to go find a shaft is what I'm thinking....

Hoping to get a chance to work on it some more this weekend.

Just ordered this for pass side knuckle, so I can have a little easier time get my steering hooked up for moving this thing around. Will also get a ram assist down the road.

I really like on the Artec arm how you can drill the hole and tie into the knuckle steering for more support. I will wait to do this for a little while incase I get Reid knuckles.


I like where this is going. Subscribed.

Thanks. I just need to get my Tecate 3 done, cause its taking up alot of garage storage and recoup some money selling it. Try to make some $$ on side jobs to fund this. The front looks pretty wild cause I pushed it forward quite a bit more than where normally sits. I'm using James Duff bucket towers and my 5.5 EB coils. Im redrilling lower coil mount holes on radius arms so coils sit at the correct angle. Well thats my plan.

::::::::::::::::::Want list::::::::::::::
Built C4/C5
Atlas 2
Reid Knuckles
headers for 4.0
2nd Corbeua seat and 5point harness
More Cage work
LED light bar
35 spline outters and Flange kit
ARB front and rear
Stazwork Double beadlocks, unsure if 16 or 17s
39.5-13.50 Irok Bias ply
Steering ram assist.

Not to big a list LOL, it will come in Stages.

Those Artec arms are nice (same ones I ended up going with), but as I think you know (but maybe wasn't clear to others from your post) if that arm is drilled to match the knuckle you currently have, you'd have to get a new arm in the event of a knuckle upgrade.

Yes, thats why I'm not drilling it for the stock knuckle :) Thanks for clarify for others. I mainly wanted it for that capability cause I do intend to change out as funds come. The regular support will be fine to start with.

I need to get rid of some of my other parts so can continue on with this. I'm hoping to wrap up the YJ project tonight and thru the weekend.

Some photos, keep in m ind lower coil mounting will be changed, just getting it to move around for other projects.





I ended up building it back for tuff truck racing with ttb again, trying to sell.

I think I have 60 sold.

Still working on my stupid Heep

Dang, and I wanted to watch what you did with that axle since it's what's in my barn. I did get turned on to Reid knuckles and the Artec arm, so this thread already helped.

I'll look forward to your next project.

Cool. The 5.3 has some oomph. We traded my wife's '05 Z71 Tahoe last year and the engine moved that heavy thing nicely and was still going strong at 160k.

Alot has happened with this rig, it was going 1 ton crawler only, but decided it might be best to leave TTB since I make $$ with this rig :)

It has 3.55 axles back under it. TTB

I recently picked up parts Ranger with 4.56s and lots of spare parts woohoo!!
The ranger has an explorer 8.8, welded. I'm ordering an Artec Truss for it today.

Thinking about a Powertrax style locker for up front.

My newest toy, makes life alot better in the garage:

I'm running my 33s that came on my Jeep so this will be a fun trail truck.

Ordered matching 5 point Harness for passenger seat, but still using stock seat for now.

I also ordered a Shiftser for the electric shift T-case $59 cheap easy effective I hope.

Just playing

My project Jeep that is getting 5.3, 4link,3 link, 1 tons, which is taking all my time and about to be put on hold, while I enjoy the explorer all summer!! :)

Well puled trigger

8.8 truss and Aussie front locker on the way.

I havent spent much on this thing for awhile, so it can have a little love.

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Truss welded onto my axle that has 4.56s and now under the back.

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