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Raceway Park, NJ: Sept 27 show/swap meet



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Lefy in the mud


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Skier in the mud.


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And the dog that followed us on the trail for a goof half hour and then ran off to find its owner.


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more more morepics.

aww..that little guy is so cute! He'd make such a great pet- he'd be so obedient and quiet after you had him trained...

Hell, you could even get him to walk that dog!!!!

LMAO J/K Justin!!! ;) :D :D :D ;)

Kewl pics Fuglet....making me wish I *had* stolen a car and come up there, lol.

I hate you all for having a good time without me.

Btw, where is Mike's trail shot?

Originally posted by X~FACTOR
Btw, where is Mike's trail shot?

Mike has 2 trail shots... Doug is the first one with flex, then comes me on trail, then its lefy on trail, then lefy in the mud, then me in the mud , then that wierd animal holding that dog :D

I wish i had batteries for my camera- there were soo many other times we shoulda taken pics. Lefy has video- check that out when he gets them on here.

cool shots dude
I got some picture too getting developt as we speak and i'm getting to cable for vid tomorrow.
oh yeh where can i post these videos.???

for you guys to check them out

lefy you can send them to me and i'll post them for you. found out a new tire is gonna run me about ~160 and then whatever mounting and balancing costs. good thing i got my deposit back from verizon, i should hopefully have a new tire next week.

guess this past weekend will keep doug from driving over cars for a while, not too bad of a price doug. if you feel like driving up here with the tire I can mount and blance it for you, just let me know

I'll probably take you up on that justin. I still want to weld my t-handle onto my shifter and you're the only one that i know who has access to a welder. I also want to get my truck aligned, the steering wheel still isnt straight.

Bah, a 35" Dunlop Mud rover at Sams Club is $116 and 9 dollars for mounting, balancing, hazard warrantee, etc.

I wish i had the rest of the money for 3 more of them... i'd probably buy them if i did. All in good time. :)