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radiator and coolant hoses (Silicone)


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September 17, 2009
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Everett Wa
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2005 XLT
3rd gen 2005 explorer xlt v6 gas.

So im trying to find flex silicone hoses for my cooling system (nothing moulded) and im having a hard time getting the id sizes for the various hoses. For example the bypass hose says 24mm but when I went to look at samco sp? Flex hoses The closest hose they had was 25mm. And trying to find any sort of (kit) is impossible. So I need sizes for radiator upper... lower..bypass and heater hose.

Are those flexible Silicone hoses really able to replace the hard moulded ones?

Anyway thanks

I haven't seen any kits. What's your reason for wanting them?

I keep bursting hoses. Of course they have not been changed since leaving the lit. I just wanted something that would realy last and look good while doing it. Love the blue hoses