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Radiator Drain Plug


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September 4, 2007
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Voorhees, NJ
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1999 4x4 SOHC XLT
Anyone know if it's possible to find a replacement radiator drainage plug? I have a stock 99 explorer v6 sohc. The head of it busted off a while ago. It's one of those crappy plastic plugs with the allen wrench opening. It still screws in and doesn't leak, but it's somewhat disconcerting. Let me know if any of you have experienced this and know where to get one or if I can use another type of bolt/plug instead.

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drain plug

Where is the drain plug ? Couldn't find the drain plug on my 99 explorer sport to due an antifreeze change.

The so called "petcock" is located down on the passenger's side of the radiator.

As for replacing it, yes you can replace as it comes out all the way. I just gave away my radiator to 95exploderboy to replace his cracked radiator. If he still has his cracked radiator, he'll probably send you the old petcock from that one.

Mine broke in the same place. I purchased a replacement at the Ford dealer for around $10.

Yep, they're in the Dorman section at Pep's/AZ.

Thank you everyone for the multiple replies! Yeah, I checked out Autozone online, and they totally have it in stock. I'm gonna go pick it up tomorrow, I'm so happy, this thing has been irking me for a while. Friggin crappy ass plastic plug is going out the window. Thanks again guys.