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Radiator Lines


April 12, 2018
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Kent, WA
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93, 2 door sport

I have a 93' sport that I have recently had the pleasure of replacing the radiator, water pump and other various, front end parts. Unfortunately, in my acting like a technician, I seem to have bent a line. At first I panicked thinking it was a line connected directly to the transmission but upon closer inspection, the line runs off the radiator and actually goes right below the radiator to a open pipe end...

I can assume that it is a transmission cooler line but am unsure. The line isn't terribly bent, just twisted slighty.

Does anyone have any experience Macgyvering something? Upon inspection of local junk yards, nobody seems to have that magic line. My connections with Napa, Advanced auto and other local aftermarket stores have yielded no results either...

Any help is much appreciated

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Any way to get pictures? The lines coming off the drivers side tank run to the automatic transmission unless someone has added in an aftermarket cooler. If so, the cooler should be added into the system, not as a replacement for the radiator cooler.

cut where the bent line is, then buy some small diameter rubber hose and connect with small hose clamps from both ends. I did the same with my 91 Taurus......

This is the pipe


You might be sure to use rubber line that is made to withstand petroleum fluids... Maybe fuel hose. I did this year's ago and still have not had any problems.

Good luck.

Fuel line is what I used...It last the life of car 10+ years

Depending on whether it's the upper or lower fitting, it is from the transmission or to an auxiliary cooler (if present). Without it in place you'll be pumping transmission fluid on the ground - unless, of course, someone has plugged the line from the transmission. While you're at it, you might look into adding a filter in-line. Doing so - and the benefit - is described elsewhere on this site.

It goes into the lower fitting on the driver side of the radiator.. I do have an auxiliary cooler. I cut it off at the kink and restarted the truck(it has been sitting about 2 months) and nothing is leaking and no CEL have come up... I suppose all is well but I am still uneasy at the thought of it being cut so close to the fitting....

you could go to a junk yard & get a line you could make work that wouldnt be so short . but if its double clamped it should be ok . if you had enough room you could flare the pipe to help hold on the rubber hose .