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Radiator shroud and support removal


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January 16, 2008
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I have a 2010 Ford Explorer with the 4.0. I made the mistake of letting my girlfriend borrow the vehicle, and she returned it with a cracked front bumper cover, broken license plate mount, broken fan shroud, and broken radiator mounts.

I am working on replacing both radiator side-supports and fan shroud, and I need help with the removal process. I would like to avoid draining the coolant if possible, but I can't see how the shroud and supports can be removed without pulling the radiator.

Has anyone done this? Does the radiator need to come out?

Also, are there any products available to protect the radiator? I think it's really dumb that the lowest point in the front end is an essential component!

Thanks in advance,
- Joe

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Honestly a 2010 probably needs to be flushed anyway. It's not an extra burden but simply required maintenence.
Don't get me started on the damage to my vehicles my girlfriend (now my wife!) has caused.

It maybe a split shroud (horizontally in the middle). Have a look if so fasters should be visible where its held together as well as up top for it to come off.

Bummer, sounds like she hit something pretty good.

Thanks for the input. The shroud is a split down the middle, but the lower part is where there is damage. I have a new one on the way, but I need to get the dang thing out.

My beater/work car is a 2004 Taurus, and I really wish she would have just wrecked that instead. But, I did the gentleman thing and let her borrow my nice vehicle while I drove the beater. I personally hate newer vehicles just because I have to worry about them getting hurt.

- Joe

What about this???

FYI in replace options!!!