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Radiator, what radiator?


September 24, 2018
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Arlington Hts Illinois
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Arlington Hts ill
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2018 xlt 4x4
I searched all the Gen5 threads regarding Towing or Radiator and don't see the info I need.

I scored a water cooled PTU and an engine oil cooler from a low mileage 2018 explorer, ALL rear end damage. I want to install them on my 2018 XLT 3.5. I don't intend to tow so this is just for added engine and PTU cooling for longer life.

I do not see ANY taps or blocked off connections on my stock XLT radiator. Some Ford friends in the "know" have told me the radiator is the same just different connections, which I find hard to believe. I've been furloughed because of Covid, so I have PLENTY of time to swap these two units out IF I can find out what I need to make the connections to the radiator or if I need to find a radiator from an explorer that had a tow package.

I wasn't allowed to remove these at the salvage yard so I wasn't able to take pics of the radiator they came off of or those connections. Anyone with definitive info on what I need, I would be very grateful. BTW...as soon as I get this done my PTU ( 37400 miles/lube changed at the dealer 34,500 ) will be added to my listing of parts for sale.


I finally found the correct cooling diagram with the proper connections for the oil cooler and water cooled PTU. It appears that the stock radiator in my 2018 XLT just needs the lower hose replaced in order to install the cooler. The new lower hose, part number KM5406 has two ports that the cooler lines quick connect to. I looked around on line and actually got the best price from parts at my local dealership, $46.

There is another lower hose option that has 3 ports, two for the oil cooler, one for a water cooled PTU, diagrams attached.

I have a super low mileage water cooled PTU that I am considering installing OR selling. Its alot of work to replace the PTU and I'm vasilating on whether or not I should. Definitely an upgrade easier done on a lift rather than my back in my driveway. I had the dealer drain and refil my stock PTU at 34,000, gear lube was light gray, so I think I got to it in time.


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