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radiators and water pumps


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June 7, 2000
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I'm in the process of chasing an overheating problem.
I've replaced my radiator cap, thermostat (twice), fan,
fan clutch and I had my radiator cleaned. I'm now looking
to replace the water pump and (if that doesn't work) the
radiator. I've read lots of the posts and many have
replaced both. Not to much info though about OEM or after
market choices. What's a good high flow water pump replacement ? Are there any all aluminum radiators out
there? I went to the Griffin web site and short of having
him make a custom one, I couldn't find an all aluminum
radiator. If there are after market products that are
better than OEM, I'd like to use them.


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April 28, 1999
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Yonkers, NY
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91 EB
Been there, done that. Unfortunately, I have had no success finding a high-flow water pump or an all aluminum radiator for that matter. Your only decent option is to get both from Autozone - they are reasonably priced and come with a lifetime warranty.
Unless you get an awesome price, having a custom aluminum radiator might be too costly when compared to an OEM replacement - $200 more.


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January 20, 2000
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Fairfield, CA.
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92' Navajo
I'm sure you've checked everything but when you replaced the thermostat and rad. cap did you use the correct temperature and pressure setttings as per your engine. From experience I know that these items work best when replaced with the right parts. A good system flush is a good place to start.

Not sure about a radiator but here's a place were you can get a high flow water pump. Choose stage 1-4 and then select ford and go from there. Price $70-$350
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