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Radio Problems

Iowa Hick

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March 4, 2003
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Bloomfield, IA
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1995 Eddie Bauer
I have a 95 eddie bauer, and the radio doesn't work, it has a 6 disc changer, but the radio won't power on, the clock won't work, we tried 4 different radios, and still no luck, we checked the voltage and grounds coming in and they were all right, when we tried an older ford radio it would power on, anybody know what i could do to fix this

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Are you talking about the stock radio or an aftermarket? If it is an aftermarket, check the wire connections between the radio harness and the factory harness.

It is the stock radio, i haven't tried and aftermarket radio yet.

okay youve made sure that there is power coming into the radio greater than 11.5 volts, and there is a good ground going to the radio as well, and youve tried 4 different radios, and/or CD changers, are there any wires not hooked up? Been a while since i looked back there dont remember all the wires.... were the radios you tried new and from an explorer....

had the same problem on my 95 xlt. Took the radio to a ford dealer and they sent it out to be checked. They said that the main board was burnt out. Cost me 200 bucks to repair it. Went home and installed it. Still would not work.
Bottom line, stay away from dealers.
This is what I did. Removed the right rear panel that covers the power amp and removered all the connections.Put them all back on and made sure all the connections were real tight. Wiggled all the wirers to make sure. Turned the radio on. Kept the truck 2 more years and never had another problem.
Hope this helps you

The radios i tried were from a salvage yard but were all from explorers, the voltages were all close to 12, I am pretty sure everything was hooked up, i will try checking the connections to the power amp