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Radio Question


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March 31, 2007
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Dayton, Ohio
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1992 Eddie Bauer
I have a 1992 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. The radio won't work when the car is started it only works after it has been warmed up for a while. Is the radio bad and if so can I replace it with any factory ford radio from 1992?

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Let me be the 1st to welcome you to the site. I have moved this topic into the audio forum. Because the new member forum is for welcomes. The radio is probably de###ted.

No. It will only come on after the truck has had a chance to warm up, and then only if turn off the truck and turn it back on again. What I have noticed is that even though there is no display or sound, if i hit one of the presets to change the station, when it does come back on the station has been changed. Does that mean defective radio or what?

The value of the early Explorer radios is very very low. I would replce it, you can buy a really nice basic CD player etc. for under $100. Just buy the two adapters needed to build a connecting wire set. Most radio shops can point you to those adapters. Try to confirm availability of an adapter for a chosen radio, before buying the radio. Each aftermarket radio takes a different adapter. Good luck,

Looks like the radio is your problem and it's probably not worth taking apart to fix. Either get one at a bone yard if you want to keep factory or go to a radio shop and get the face plate (if you buy a shorter unit) and an adapter (do not try to chop the existing harness please) that plugs into your factory harness and gives you color codes for speakers and power.

Most radio shops can get them, I've even seen them at Walmart. Cost is about $20 for both and well worth the clean job it does. Factory radio takes about a whole 5 minutes to pull out (if you want directions let me know and I can help).