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Radio Replacement Question


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April 24, 2010
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Clovis, NM
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1998 Eddie Bauer
I have a 98 Eddie Bauer Explorer. The CD/Cassette combo radio in it is part # F87F-18C868-AD (Mach radio). This radio completely stopped working recently and I am looking for a replacement. I've found an F87F-18C868-CD for sale. Will this work in my explorer. The faceplates look the same, but I don't know about the connectors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is a lot of confusion over what will fit and what will work in the Explorers. The "Mach" system has an extra output which separates an extra output for the sub woofer which has it's own amplifier located in the right rear area. The radio you mentioned are different in that the model ending in "cd" is not an "Mach" and will not give the output for the sub woofer. Please refer to the post in this thread by Cobra Jeff which mentions both models. Good luck.