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radio wires ? have no sound


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October 8, 2000
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I have a factory cd/cass stereo from my 99 Explorer XTL that I want to put in my 97 F-150. I bought a wire harness adapter kit and thought I had it connected right. When I turn on the key, the clock works, the radio tunes stations, but ABSOLUTLY no sound. I have all 4 speakers wired, but everything is contained in ONE plug and the 99 radio has TWO plugs. HELP!!!! Do I need an amp ? The explorer did not have a powered sub or anything.

Are you sure? Most explorers have a factory amp behind the rear passenger panel. Some didn't, but it's rare. It might be because there's no amp to power the signal. I don't know about the F150. If you can find CobraJeff on this board, he could probably help you. He knows everything about stock Ford systems. Maybe just put a post with "Attn: CobraJeff" on it.