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Radio Wiring Diagram


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August 11, 2008
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Leamington, Ontario
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2004 Sport Trac XLT 4x4
Need a little help here....

I have a 2004 Sport Trac XLT and the original bonehead owner cut off the wiring harness to splice in the sony deck he installed.

I now have a Sirius Starmate 5 radio and have installed a female cig adapter and ran the wires and spliced to a cigarette lighter for power to hide the sirius adapter.

I have a tendency to not shut off my sirius radio after shutting the truck off and would like to tie in the adapter wires into the ignition wires on the radio but I'm not quite sure which ones are which.

The best I can find is that it's probably the red wire and black wires off the deck that I should be using to do this.

I'm still going to keep the female adapter wired in to plug in the sirius head unit, I just want to wire it in so that the sirius head unit comes on/off when I start/stop the truck.

Well I got it after some fumbling around....

It was the red and black wire...

So any people interested in hard wiring your sirius radio in just take note that I only spent about $15 to do it by purchasing a female cigarette adapter (generally bought to add on power adapters in your vehicle) and some 18guage wire....

I installed the cigarette/power adapter under the dash so you couldn't see it and plugged in the sirius cigarette power adapter and then ran the 18 guage wire that I hooked up to the aftermarket female adapter and ran that wire behind the dash up to the radio and then spliced into the ignition switch wires (positive and neutral) for the radio....

Now when I power the truck up the sirius radio comes on and goes off when the power is forgetful ones like me don't leave it on for 8 hours while at work.

Took me a total of 30min or so to do.