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Radio wiring diagram


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January 4, 2022
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Thomasville, NC
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1998 explorer sport
Hey guys! Ive got a 98’ sport that im trying to put a 4dr premium sound radio in. The replacement radio came out of a ‘97 xlt; its not the mach radio. I got all the plugs with the radio, my harness in the sport had no plug, so i spliced the plug out of the ‘97 into my harness. All of the wire colors matched; but for the life of me i cant get this thing to work! Im almost positive ive got everything hooked up right, but if anyone can give me a diagram for both the 97’ 4 dr xlt, and my 98’ sport, i would sure appreciate it!

Welcome to the forum!

There are a few, if not all, radio diagrams linked in my sig below. PDFs named "sound-systems"****

So after a bit more reading and digging, ive discovered that the power supply for the display in my radio has overheated, and thats why my display isnt working! I assumed i just had it hooked up wrong. Im going to attempt to resolder all the burnt connectors and put in a cooling fan. We’ll see how it goes.