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Radio wiring schematic / power antenna install


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October 25, 2007
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'04 XLT, '01 Mountaineer
Wondering if someone can help me out here. I just purchased a factory power antenna for my '01 Mounty and don't know where the antenna turn-on lead comes out of the radio. Can someone provide a radio schematic? Does anyone know if the lead comes out of the back of the radio and is capped off below the dash somewhere? Thanks

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Alot of times the same dash harness is used for all applicatoins and if a certain option is not purchased the wiring is sometimes there but noting there to plug into. i would check the right front kick panel area for the connector. it just may be there. i know that the anteanna wire runs from the motor into the firewall then plugs in in the kick panel area take a look for lonley connectors. the hole in the firewall is probably there too with a plug in it

Well, I was able to find a schematic for my particilar radio and I looked at the back of the radio and it appears that the antenna signal wire is missing from the radio harness. So, strike one. I looked around behind the glove box and didn't find any harnesses hanging out either. I will have to look tomorrow when I have more light. I may have to resort to rigging up my own hookup using the amp turn-on lead.

i had the same problem. the plug in at the Passenger kick panel

Where can I get the stereo Jack plug to adapt to my 1988 Ford Ranger Gt

01 Mount. Pwr Ant.

Lithium, I'm assuming we are talking stock head unit (radio). It doesn't have a remote lead for the ant. Do the relay on the amp turn on and you will be fine. Oh and 2 thumbs up for using a relay! I've seen way too many idiots in your position hook up the constant 12v lead and the remote directly to the radio switched!

88 Ranger harness

Popeye if your truck still has the factory plugs for the stereo I would be amazed. In 88 they didn't make factory-aftermarket harness.

Constant 12V+ Green/Yellow
Switched 12V+ Yellow/Black
Illumination Blue/Red
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