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Radio With Factory amp


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February 10, 2011
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1997 Explorer XLT AWD 5.0
yea im back, same 1997 ford explorer XLT

my vehicle came factory with the "JBL" amp and stuff in the rear.
you know, the one that has the antenna running to the box in the back?

well, There was 4plugs on the side of it, and 1 plug contained all the speaker wires.. I have already lopped off the connector and hooked some speakers to them, so i know that they are the wires in the harness that runs to the radio in the front..

So the story goes, you have the radio, the speaker wires which go to the amp...then the harness of wires that go to ur speakers... HOWEVER... the harness of wires that go to the actuall speakers are all different colors than the main speaker wires..

does anyone know? or know where i can find a diagram to which color wires go to which speakers? theres way more than 8 wires in the connector, and i do not wanna lop em all off and start playing.. lol

Only reason im doing this is cause after installing an aftermarket radio, it was realized that i did not have bypass the amp, and the 'radio shop' in a nearby town was going to charge me 150 bucks to do it all.

But i am sorry, ive installed 5 radios, no problems, by myself and work great, so im not about to give them all my money for something i know how to do..i however, just do not know the wire colors.. you would think theyd use all teh same colored wire for easy going, but noooo lol

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i fixed it already lol

i found a website

" "

it had the correct info for the Amplifier Colored Wires.

Now i have my aftermarket radio hooked up and it sounds 3 times better than the factory amplified system.

THanks for the link burnthelight88, even tho i posted this thread, found the diagram, fixed it and now im back lol.

Saved my self 150 bucks, yay lol

That link i posted, the title of it is 95-96 Explorer, lol however, this is a typo on there part because it fixed my 97 exactly... i found it in some thread, somebody, like me, was having the same problem, and somebody else supplied THAT link...and the guy with problems was saying there was no orange wires, so i dont know lol..oh well, my problem is fixed now.

oh ahahahahahahaha Burnthelight88... i didnt see that ur Link was to same website :)