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Radius Arm Brackets


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September 24, 2006
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1986 Bronco 2
I already have a dana 30 solid axle in my bronco 2, going to put in a Dana 44 HP fullsize in this weekend can anyone tell me if a have to move the radius arm brackets on the frame or can I leave them, Brackets are out of a 79 fullsize Bronco. :salute:

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Don't quite understand what your saying exactly...are the brackets on there already? If so, I say put the wheels/tires on the axle with radius arms attatched and see where everything lines up once the radius arms are in the brackets and then go from there.

Brackets are on already, so I guess Ill try everything first. thanks for the help

i would try the stock ones first... in nothing lines up put the 79 FSRAB on.

i would try the stock ones first... IF nothing lines up put the 79 FSRAB on.