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Radius Arm Bushings

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November 14, 2010
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'93 Sport
Just looking for your guys' opinion on my radius arm bushings. It is funny how the driver side has 2 pieces of rubber and the passenger side only has 1. Will this cause problems? Should I replace them? And yes I need to wash the transmission. I am not sure where the stuff on it is from. I know all my fluids are good!


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Do you hear a clunk like metal on metal when you hit bumps?

i was also told that your ball joints could make that metal to metal noise...My Radius Arm Bushings look 110% better then the ones in the pic. They even lines up striaght(if you look at the ones in the pic they are off center from each other) Mine have no damange no creaks nothin but i get that metal to metal clunking noise from my left tire when i hit bumps..Could that noise be from my ball joints

I do sometimes, but that is because my lower ball joints are going and need to be replaced. If I decide to replace them when I replace my shocks and brakes, is this what I need?


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yea thats what i had to order...i like ebay motors they are pretty quick and i have never had a problem..

I have liked the "moog radius arm bushings"
have you greased your ball joints lately? and check your wheel bearings my left front was making weird noise took it out and packed it, made a lot of difference!

I'll tell you four things about this subject...

One... the problematic side with this design is typically the passenger-side, due to the exhaust-system passing right close to it. Too much hot/cold action going on there, allows moisture in when the nut expands before that threaded end of the radius arm has a chance to heat up as much as the nut. I know from experience.

Two... I am sure the heat helps to break down the rubber in the factory bushing.

Three... Often when this bushing gets screwed, it is the inside of the bushing that is affected. Without disassembling it, it appears fine externally. If you put a pry-bar on it with the suspension loaded, it may be a different story.

Four... When one of these bushings is screwed, you will notice what you percieve to be a steering alignment problem... typically holding the wheel at about 11 o' clock while driving, and having to slightly correct while braking or accelerating. That is the biggest tell-tale sign. The reason for this is because your wheelbase actually changes on one side of the vehicle more than the other, which causes a rapid change in alignment briefly, and it settles when driving at a constant rate of speed.

This happens because the inside of the bushing is no longer holding onto the radius-arm firmly.

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