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Radius arm question W/Superlift 5.5


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June 6, 2001
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1991 4 Door Explorer XLT
Does anyone know if its possible to install the Super Runner radius arms upside down(Left on Right and Right on left)? I just got a Superlift 5.5 with the extended radius arms and it seems that my caster angles in the front are off quite a bit. My tires lean quite a bit when I turn. It seems like my axle is leaning back. Is this right or did the 4WD shop @#$% up? I hope this isn't a stupid question.:confused:

The twin traction beam will lean a lot when you turn.
Kinda like this:


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Yea thats it Mr. articulation, rub it in! LOL. The alignment shop told me that my caster angles were messed up. is that a result of the lift with the superrunner radius arms?