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Rain, Snow, and Mudslides...

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Looks like they had a tornado touch down, fliped a 2nd gen on it's side:(

...It got scary in Anaheim...:eek:

...The rain got so intense that everyone got off the road and then the rain just stopped like right now. Then it was so dark all the street lights came on and the high wind picked up from the other direction...Sirens started sounding off and I guess they put all the schools in lock down...

...It's partly sunny here now with clouds all around and it seems the worst part of the storm has moved thru Riverside creating havoc and snow down to 3600 ft...

Wow, it just hit here in Oakland.. Hail, winds, lots of rain.

Traffic was FUBAR'd this morning on I80.

I'm dreading the drive home..

Glad that stuff didn't hit here. I have a old Air Raid siren about a half a block from my place. Don't really care to here that. :( There all over the valley, but I havn't heard of them testing it sence the Northridge quake.

...No air raid siren used here...

...It seems it was emergency vehicles setting up in all the intersections for immediate response in case it hit here...Really, it seemed just like the mid-west response without a tornado warning system...

Current live feed..

...And the tape of the flipped X in the middle..:(

..Found a picture of the water spout off Newport Pier...;)

...And a picture of Main St. at Disneyland when the rain stopped...

Hey TBAR4 thats not NewPort pier.Don't know where thats at but it is'nt NewPort.

...Good catch...The link now shows this info.." From the boys on Platform Esther, off Seal Beach Pier (January 19, 2010)"

They just put in a Mandatory Evacuation of 700 homes by tommorow at 8AM for places right above us in the Tujunga-La Canada area

Our canvas carport fully died yesterday. Ripped it right down the middle. Plus we have a nice lake going on in our front yard.

...:scratch:...Lake in the front and mudbog in the back?..Sounds like an OHV park...:p:

...I hope you have enough tarps and tie downs..:(

...The news and the radar are incorrect this morning....They say the rain won't hit ventura till about 10....It started raining good here about 15 minutes ago...:rolleyes:

your guys little storm pass through New Mexico last night

Dropping some pretty intense snow in a hurry around here.:eek:

Now just windy and clear having hard time keeping an empty truck on the road :(

...I wouldn't want to be heading this way..:(

..High wind warnings are out in fact, probably every warning is out now and they are expecting a chance of more Tornado's locally also...

...We are suppose to get 4-6" of rain in the next 24 hrs. or so and Big Bear is expected to get 2-3' feet of snow...

..Mammoth has reported 3' feet new with an expected 6' feet in the next day or so...

Interesting development here...

The wife just called me and said that LA County Sheriff just showed up at her work (School a mile east of our place) and shut them down. Said there was to much risk. So she has the day off tommorow, and maybe Friday too.

I'm at the Wal-mart parking lot in Chico because 7 of our poles broke leaving conductor across the highway, a street, and 13 cars in the walmart parking lot. Oh yeah, an Izuzu took a pole to the roof too. Have pics. Will post. :D

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