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Rainbow Falls Little get together.


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February 14, 2015
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Colorado Springs, CO
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Colorado Springs, co
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98 Durango
Was planning to do a little get together on August 18. Playing around a bit in Rainbow Falls and Shubarth Loop Maybe. Planning to meet at the Mc Donalds in Woodland Park about 0900 then another meet spot at the Big Parking spot in Rainbow Falls about 1000 to 1030. Will be running CB on channel 16.

Will have these 2 vehicles with. Of Course the Explorer will have MUCH better tires LOL

New  98 11.jpg
Out on the trail 04 (Medium).jpg

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By the way this will be a shake down run for my Explorer and a Birthday run for me. :-)

Well I am so sorry but do not think I will be able to make this trip. I do not have 4x4 right now and need that Saturday to get a different Front Diff. I might keep current one but with me only having 2 wheel drive with a Front Vacuum diff in the front can not do much wheeling. Will have to try again for another weekend or something.

Sounds great Tim. Will let you know when I am able to get her more like a 4x4 then a 2wheel drive with low range LOL