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Raleigh, NC - 4x4 Truck Show & Swap Meet - March 15th


April 23, 2002
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Raleigh, NC
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1998 XJ
Just to let everyone know,

The CNC 4X4 club is having a swap meet in Raleigh on March 15th.

Information is on the CNC web site: Dead Link Removed

There will be a show and shine, raffles, and of course the opportunity to buy and sell new and used stuff.

I expect there to be a fair amount of 4x4 stuff. BigWoody said he would be there, possibly with some whole vehicles, Motormanand I will have some Jeep specific stuff to sell.

It is a the Cary Auto Mall so it can get as big as it needs to be. Last year we had it out in the country and still had a fair turn out. A lot of axels and suspension stuff.

Here are some Sponsors to give you an idea on the size of the event:
Hendrick Hummer, Mammoth Power Systems, Hooters, Just Tires, We Do Trucks, and many others.

Please come join the fun, and if you have items to sell bring them also .
We will have tons of space for everyone and there guest.
And Remember it is free admission.

Plus this is a great way to help promote or Sport/Hobbie.

Ken C

My experience with Lonnie & Mammoth Power Systems.

Been looking around for a high output alternator & found mention of this company. I gave Lonnie
a call to discuss my needs. Found him to sound like he was very knowledgeable & helpful. On
9/19 or 9/20/05 I placed an order for a 200 amp CS130 alternator and I was told I’d have it in a

On 10/10/05 I called Lonnie to see if there was a problem as I had not received my new alternator
yet. I was told that it had shipped & been returned as undeliverable. Now even though I make it a
point to speak slowly & clearly when providing my shipping info, somehow the zip code was
written down wrong. Lonnie assured me it would go out immediately & be here in a week.

As of today 10/19/05 I still do not have my new alternator.

Throughout all of this I have called Lonnie several times on my dime because he does not have a
toll free number or e-mail & his web-site is still down. He has never returned my call once.

I wanted to help support a fellow 4 Wheeler & his business but now I’m wishing that I had
ordered from someone else.


P.S. Anybody have any recommendations on a good alternator company?