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Rally Bar attatchment??


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January 20, 2000
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'91 XLT

Well you guys were all good about helping me with the WARN hub thing so I thought this was the best place to try and find out some information for my next purchase. I have a pretty much stock 91 Explorer...I'm trying to get a Rally Bar for the front of it.. however, Pro Comp, who makes one says that they can't guarentee a fit since it is intended for the 93 Rangers... and Smittybuilt won't either...since it's for newer trucks too. My question is... are there any similar Rally Bars made for my truck by perhaps some other company besides these two?


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I believe you are talking about a pr-runner bumper. Check James Duff...

Does anyone know who makes prerunner bumpers for a 97 Sport 2WD that attaches to the frame? Will one from a simmilar year Ranger work? I'm looking for something that looks simmilar to the yellow Explorer on the this site's homepage. Thanks everyone.


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I'm interested to see how we can get a pre-runner bar like Robbie Gonzales' in the explorer list on the front page. I read that he got it custom made from Smittybilt, but can we get these made for us as well and for how much. Anyone have any info?

Well I have been looking for the same exact thing..Here's what I found out. Pro-comp make a universal one that I've heard will fit, and I also e-mailed pro-comp and they told me that they have heard that it will fit explorers, but they weren't 100% sure. I am probably going to go with the james duff pre-runner bumper, since I also heard that those ones that bolt on are pretty flimsy.

OK.... Does anyone have a website for that pre-runner bumper bar? I'm very interested but need somewhere to purchase it from. Thanks for the help guys.


I am also looking for a Rally bar for my '96 Explorer Sport 4X4. How do I contact Smittybuilt or James Duff. I don't really do any serious offroading, just Wisconsin logging trails in the summer. I'm looking for a bar to primarily bolt on lights.