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"RAM" Air?


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January 25, 2000
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It must be possible to somehow fabricate a semi-ram setup...at lease something that gets air into the intake at increased velocities @ hightway speeds...Anyone ever messed around with this?

I swiss-cheezed my airbox, and now I want MORE!

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well i was thinking about what you sayed and have you seen a firebird with the LS1 it has a k&m air filter righ at the TB and its aabout the same place as the 4.0 ford so if you could get the right size would that not work, or get the rim air for and 5.0 stang and just re-route the in take to like the bumper in-take???

I suppose that you could get that to work, but after reading all of the posts here in the last year and a half (search), I am not clear if anyone has done this successfully (sp?) or not. It seems that it would be so simple to get air from the front or side of the vehicle to the intake, the hard part would be getting it INTO the intake effectively. Especially for those with the kkm kit. Also would be tricky finding a tube that did not have 'ribs' like dryer hose.

Maybe that clear plastic hose that you see @ Home Depot that is about 1" diameter?

93 Sport 4X4, 150k Mi, Llumar Metallic Tinted Windows, GTS Taillight Covers, Sony CD and Boston Acoustics drivers
Bosch +4's. Modified Airbox, Allied 8.5mm wires (Splitfire wires on order)

Tommy, I created my own homemade "RAM Air" using a large diameter shop vac hose, a pvc 90 degree plumbing elbow, a square shop vac nozzle and some rubber adheasive. Too tired to explain how I did it but do a search on "Air Box...Author--Tbone--either Under hood or modified catagories" See if this helps

Norman B.
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I don't know about the ram air thing but I made a box to go around my K&N filter. I just used heavy gauge plastic and pop-rivits to make a box that blocks the air from inside the engine bay from getting to the filter, but allows air to enter from behind the headlight. I'll have to get some pictures of it, it's kind of hard to explain.

It is still in the design process but I am working on making a box that will encase my KKM and take the air in from the hood through a scoop. The main problem I am having is that I want to make the scoop removable so I can change it out for a snorkle attatchment when I need it. Also I am going to try to use all the vaccum lines and the heat riser from the factory intake. Should be neat when I finish I will keep you posted.

91 Navajo 4.0
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Navajo Joe,

Any updates on your design? Inquiring minds want to know...

David Cider
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You know, you could always just put a snorkel on your truck. That would add off-road ability, and act as a Ram Air.

Even though there sin't one made for the Explorer, I can't imagine ti would be to tough to fit one to it, or just make one yourself. I'm planning on doing it eventually.


Tommy; even if you get the air to the box you'll loose it all through the "Swiss-Cheese. Just kidding-no not really. Ha! Ha! I've been brain-storming myself on the same idea. I even considered running flexible hose from the stock box to the rear of the hood (cut a knotch in the hood at the rear so that a 90 degree fitting can permentently exit the rear of the hood)and have the fitting enter one of those windshield-wiper cowls. The cowl would have a positive pressure from the windshield at speed. Not that I gave it much thought--Ya know.

I have an idea for running the intake to the cowl. I don't know if I will have time to do it right away but when I do I will post it for all to see.

Paul Gagnon
Calgary, Alberta
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