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RAM Air?


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January 16, 2005
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2009 Limited V8
I saw some aftermarket RAM Air intake kits in a JC Whitney catalogue, but as usual, is not available for my 00 Explorer XLT 5.0. I was wondering if you were to make a duct that scooped in air from the openings in the front bumper and connected it to the bottom of the air box and sealed off the stock inlet, would it work? Will the Mass Airflow Sensor not work properly if there is more pressure in the intake or fluctuations in pressure from speed changes? Could the air filter act as a buffer? I have a 65 mustang that I just put in a RAM Air hood scoop on and there is a dramatic increase in throttle response and hp, but that’s obviously with a carb. Any Ideas if the engine will run properly?

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the small silver dots in front valance are air filters.

Worked very good as long as it didn't rain.
It was fun for a while though. Looked cool.

How will you keep the water out??


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it will work- don't let water get in

i have a functional shaker, not quite ram air, i don't drive int he rain (or actually drive for that matter)