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Ram Air


April 20, 2002
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Philadelphia TN
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'99 XLT V8 AWD
I was thinking about adding ram air to my X. Any suggestions or thoughts on how to do this? Would the funnel scoops from say a mustang work? I wanted to put them into the cuts on the air dam beside the front lisences plate holder. I may have to have some made to fit in there. Also how would you route the air ducts. The stock inlet on my 99 V8 has the air in port for the air box right behind the passengers side headlight. Any help would be appreciated.


Have you tried dooing a search on this topic? There have been several posts in the past on how to do exactly what you are asking.

I did a serch on ram air but I couldn't find anything with a funnel. There were a couple of links to pics but they didn' really show anything.

Just get some fllexable metal 4" dryer vent & a package of plastic zip wire ties and have at it.