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Ran fine, now won't start!

Todd Jacobson

February 18, 2000
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Hi All! '93 Navajo left me stranded this morning! Always starts never a problem. Facts: New tank of gas last night, drove ~100 miles. Tried to start this morning, heard pump start and prime and it just cranked! Shot some starting fluid into the intake and it ran for a few seconds. Surely a fuel problem. Clogged filter? Todd in Colorado.

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did you replace the fuel pump or just do a re-install? Probably need to do a fuel pressure test to see if indeed the pump, filter , and regulator are doing their jobs.

oops sorry misread your post. Probably still need to do a fuel pressure test. If you haven't replaced your fuel filter in a while, then it might be the "cheap easy" route to a fix.

Wouldn't you know it, I went home today and it started right up! We did have a giant and close lightning storm the other night........EMT? Aliens? I hate problems like this! TJ