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Rancho 9000 part # for 99 w/ 2" lift ???


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February 15, 2003
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2001 Explorer Sport
Hiya all....

I have a TT up front and war 153 with AAL in the rear.

I called sams to order rancho 9000 and he said they had no shocks listed for 2" of lift on the 99.

Searched through posts and could have sworn I have seen the part # for the rancho 9000's with 2 inches of lift, or at least a link to the rancho chart for part #'s and lengths

So the question is does anyone know what the part #'s for rancho 9000's

I will keep searching

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i've heard many people say that you don't need longer shocks for <2"...unless your shocks are actually limiting you down-travel i'd just go with the stock length

Just checking before I make my purchase - If I get Rancho 9000s, and then do a TT and shackles for 2'' of lift, it'll work ok? I won't need new shocks?

Thanks in advance.

With only 2" of lift, stock shock lengths work fine. Ranchos run longer than stock Ford OEM ones anyway.
You only need to replace shocks if they are bad or you want a firmer or softer ride or if you do a major lift of 3" or more.

Thanks man. Just what I wanted to hear. Time to oder up the Ranchos. :cool:

The Rancho 5000s I'm running with my TT, shackles and add-a-leafs are the same part number as if my Explorer was completely stock. When I ordered mine from desert Rat I talked with the sales guy on the phone and he assured me I didn't need longer ones and garantied if I got them and they didn't work they would replace them... they worked(still working) fine. :thumbsup:

I believe shock length is based on the travel distance of the suspension. A torsion bar twist doesn't change that right?

Anyway, here are the specs on the front shock from Rancho (which I'm sure someone has probably posted before). I installed these shock last week on my Ex. The Rancho shocks do limit the lower travel distance of the suspension, just like the stock shocks. To get the new shocks in properly you will have to lift up on the suspension about 1 inch. If you don't, you may actually end up using the threads on the shock to compress the suspesion. AT least that was the case for my 98 with #1 torsion bars (the stiff ones).

Rancho Specs

Part #: RS99229
Stem code:S42
cross pin code: XP4
Travel: 4.125

I am running a TT and Rancho 9000X shocks.

When you do a TT, you are not changing the front suspention. You are merely changing the point in the suspention's travel at which the truck rests.

That said, the shocks DO indeed limit travel on my truck. With the shocks removed, I get about 1/2" more downtravel. However, I would rather have the shocks limit my suspention then put extra wear on my CVs and tie-rods.