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Rancho, James Duff and Skyjacker combo lift


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July 31, 2001
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Littleton, Colorado
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1991 XLT
I've got the Rancho 2 1/2" lift installed on my '91 4 door, and it's starting to sag (been on there 8 years now) and I'm sick of replacing the front left shock every 6 months when it pulls out of its upper mount. I don't want to replace the radius arms or the drop brackets, but am looking at the new James Duff dual shock mount and the 4" SkyJacker coils, with new springs in the rear to match. The ever popular Search button didn't seem to think anyone had done this, or at least posted about it. My 32" BFG's clear pretty well in the current configuration, even when I jump it, but "Flexy" it ain't, even with the sway bars disconnected. The Jimmy Duff guys tell me their mount will work with the Rancho arms with "minor" modifications, but I'm curious about the all over package with the SkyJacker coils on Rancho lift hardware. The truck, unfortunately, spends most of its life running around on a strip of asphalt known as Dry Creek, but when I find my way into the mountains I want it to be trail capable as well as a decent street ride. Anybody have experience here?


skip the dual shock hoop, dual shocks are for full size trucks IMO UNLESS you do alot of high speed off road driving where the shocks will cycle enough to heat them up and they fade.

You can run 4" lift coils with the Rancho radius arms and drop brackets.

You will need an alignment and likely require moog 2.75 degree correction camber shims for a 4x4

If you jump your truck you should really inspect the rancho radius arms and drop brackets they have been known to crack and break under extreme use.

For shock mounts you can use some F-250 towers or you can do a simple modification to your radius arm shock mounts to locate the shock properly