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Rancho RS5000 Shocks? Anyone install some?


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November 23, 2010
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'04 EB
Hey I need to replace the shocks on my 2004 Explorer 140K. Anyone recommend any replacement shocks? I am considering either OEM or Ranchos. I put Ranchos on my Sport Trac and really like them. On the 2nd gen and Sport Trac Forum the Ranchos seem to be the ones everyone buys. But I have found nearly zero info on the 3rd gen forums as to what shocks are the must buy.

Has anyone here recommend the Rancho RS5000 shocks for their 3rd gen? Any comments, or any suggestions to purchased some cheaper brands. I know they sell the Quicklift shocks as well, but lets shelve discussion on them as they have already been discussed numerous times in past threads.

Rancho has the following part numbers for the RS5000 line, and they are about $90 each:

02-03 Front RS5821 Rear RS5822
04-05 Front RS5820 Rear RS5822

Anyone know why 02/03 have a different front part number than 04/05?

Thanks for any input!


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No idea, overpriced IMHO.

I've ordered some Sensen's, $100 for all 4 struts. limited lifetime warranty so I figure worth a shot. Gotta be better than my factory's with 180K on them. Rear feels like it's on springs alone.

Got a set of 4 on my 2nd gen. Was able to grab all 4 for around $200 on ebay.
I highly recommend them. Especially if you have a little lift (between 1"-2.5").
Rides better than stock on and off the road. Potholes and speed bumps are not a thing anymore. Very little body roll when cornering. Totally worth it if you can grab a good deal. The white with red dust boot looks pretty good too!

So I went ahead and sprung for the Rancho 5000. I was able to purchase them for ~$210 for the set after using advanceauto coupons, speedperks rewards, and mail in rebate. I purchased part number RS5820 for the front and RS5822 for the rear. I will reply back after i put a few miles on them.

Sounds like a nice deal. How's ride quality with your Rancho RS5000 shocks?

I ended up going with the 5000 as they were at least half the price of the quicklift, and this doesn't see anything remotely hardcore.

Honestly the quicklifts don't really give you much lift, rather it levels the ride. I could afford them at the time I replaced them, right now if I had to do it I would go with stock parts.

I have one Rancho RS5822 Strut. I think I will have to sell it and think about a puck lift since I cannot find another one..

Rancho 5000's are excellent shocks, self adjusting, good daily driver shocks. Rancho is owned by Monroe, these are very similar to the Monroe sensatrac self adjusting shocks. IMO you cannot go wrong with a good set of ranchos, but shop around deals can be had. Rancho's warranty is top notch so save your original receipt. I am STILL running ranchos using the SAME WARRANTY from 20 years ago. Meaning I bought rancho 9000's for my BII from 4 wheel parts like 20 years ago.... I have gone through 3 sets of shocks, the first 2 sets were free replacements, shock would wear out, rancho gave me a new one. This latest set well the 9000 series shock is much beefier then it used to be and the price when up quite a bit...so what did Rancho do for me with the lifetime warranty? They PRO RATED the shocks, all I had to do was pay the difference and now I have a new set of 4 9000's and only had to pay like $30 each.... lifetime warranty renewed..
NOT A BAD DEAL AT ALL!!!!!!!!! from where I sit
So Im a big fan of Rancho
their shocks work very well and they hold up too......

We run 5000 series Ranchos on many daily drivers around here, they are good performing shocks for the $$$$, compared to a Pro Comp 5 series or bilstein, I WAY prefer the Ranchos

KYB also very good shocks on these trucks