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Rancho RSX, Pro Comp, Monroe and Gabriel Info


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January 11, 2001
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I just had two interesting conversations Explorer Pro Comp and Monroe Shocks. I was going to get the Pro Comp 9000's but there is a problem with rubbing the drive shaft on the front (other threads detail that). I called Explorer Pro Comp to see exactly when they would be available, and they said that Monroe makes both the Rancho RSX and the 9000 pro comp shocks, so give them a call. I then called Monroe to find out what their suggestion for shocks would be(I was asking about the p/n for the Reflex, which is the same as the Rancho RSX), and, believe it or not, the guy from Monroe suggested going to the Gabriel Pro Ryder VSX!!!! He said that for the larger vehicles (explorer's and up in size) the Gabriel works better!!! He said it will control the pitch and roll of the vehicle better. Price is better too. Pep Boys has 'em for $19.99

Go Figure!!!


Plus the RSXs are built shorter than stock so you lose downward articulation. Mine have already lost their firm feel and need to be replaced.