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Rancho shocks on '94 with lift


January 22, 2000
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Not long after we purchased our '94 4x4 we put Rancho 5000s front and back because the stock shocks were not cutting it, even for highway driving. When we added the 2" lift a couple of years ago, we figured the Ranchos would be ok. A few weeks ago we noticed a problem with a front shocks and quickly discovered why. Both the Rancho 5000 and 9000 shocks for the 94 cannot tolerate more than a 1 1/2" lift! The local distributors said there was nothing else listed for the '94. Rick contacted Rancho directly and they helped him determine a proper length shock. It happens to be listed for the '93 with a lift but not the '94. Rancho was very helpful on this. There is no difference in the shock mount between the '93 and '94 so they will work fine on a '94. The best bet would be to call Rancho if you've got questions - they're very helpful.

Rick & Cheryl J.
'94 XLT 4x4
Custom 2" lift, Rancho 5000s
Borla exhaust, over-size sway bars
More to come!