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Rancho shocks


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May 20, 2010
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so If i put aal and shackles and a bucket lift up front making it 2" lift or so all around could I get rancho RS9000XL and keep that same lift? or would that add a whole .5 inch of lift because it says on the rockauto site that it adds 2.5 inches of lift, OR will they not work because on the rancho site they say it works for heights between stock-1.50. I'm very confused.

What would someone suggest for an upgrade to some rancho shocks?

Thanks for any replies!:thumbsup:

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They're good shocks, but they're not going to add any lift. Some shocks are made for lifts, but they're not made to lift.

I don't really care if they lift my ex anymore sorry I didn't really make that clear I'm not looking for lift in them im looking for the right size with what I have because it's confusing with their description.

You need stock height shocks. The lifts you mention do not require longer shocks.

Right ,but those Ranchos will work fine.