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For Sale Rancho TTB (91-94 Ex) Front End Lift Kit / Used


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August 1, 2008
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94 & 95 XLT's
Up for grabs is a front end only, TTB Rancho lift kit. Was removed from a 93 Explorer, but can be used on TTB Rangers as well.

$500.00, You pickup preferred. Shipping is completely on your dime, including any packaging materials used.

I began restoring this kit, but changed my mind on using it, half way through the job. The Radius arms, RA Frame mounts, TTB arm brackets, shock mounts, and Kick bar have all been fine sand blasted, and ceramic coated. No stress cracks or weld defects was found after blast inspection.

Raw arm side shot.jpg

Raw arms.jpg

Raw brackets hanging.jpg

Kit includes the Rancho coil springs, and a set of coil spacers. All Grade 8 hardware is used, but all in perfect condition. I would have no issue re-using any of it. The items still in red, have some worn black paint on them, as the previous owner rattle canned them. Can be stripped and coated as I did, or cleaned and rattle can job.

Kit does not include the drop pitman arm. A replacement arm can be purchased online. Prefer local pickup in STL, MO. Shipping will be high as there is a lot to this kit, both in weight, & size.

RS-4 lift 1.jpg

RS-4 lift 2.jpg

RS-4 lift 3.jpg
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