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random flaming? by jeeper


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October 18, 2001
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Red Wing, MN
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1996 xlt
this guy just randomly immed me

BMade37: i ahte explorers
BMade37: hate*
svt exploder: ?
BMade37: i hate exploders
svt exploder: cool
BMade37: i know
BMade37: what do u drive
svt exploder: a 1996 explorer
BMade37: any lift?
svt exploder: nope
BMade37: mods?
svt exploder: 3" drop with air adustability
svt exploder: 300 hp
BMade37: any pics?
svt exploder: full custom and show quality stereo
svt exploder: etc.
svt exploder: not any recent ones
svt exploder: i've been very busy
svt exploder: and i have new rims now too
svt exploder: but here
svt exploder wants to directly connect.
BMade37 is now directly connected.
svt exploder:
svt exploder:
svt exploder: i have done a ton since those
svt exploder:
BMade37: looks ugly
svt exploder: lol
svt exploder: what do you drive?
BMade37: jeep
BMade37: grand cherokee
svt exploder: oh, cool
BMade37: i know
BMade37: it is cool
svt exploder: i have an its a 5.0 thing you jeepers wouldn't understand sticker on my truck
BMade37: oh haha
BMade37: u dont have a truck
svt exploder: 4.0, or ?
BMade37: 4.0
svt exploder: lol
svt exploder: do you have a truck?
BMade37: no its called an suv
svt exploder: oh ok
svt exploder: i have a sticker on my suv?
svt exploder: maybe i prefer luv
BMade37: lifted it
svt exploder: lol
svt exploder: interesting
svt exploder: no one else has ever done that
BMade37: its funny
BMade37: oh really
svt exploder: too bad the real jeep owners laugh at you
BMade37: haha
svt exploder: we own a cj2a also
BMade37: wana see mine
svt exploder: with a 350 and coil overs
BMade37: then u will laugh
BMade37: ill run ur ford piece of **** over
svt exploder: congrats
svt exploder: you'd never catch it in a million years
BMade37: its a ford
BMade37: it will blow up soon
svt exploder: lol
svt exploder: then it'll come back faster
svt exploder: don't worry
svt exploder: its already lasted 40k longer than any of my friends dodge or jeep trannies
BMade37: i have a toyota tranny
svt exploder: hmmm
BMade37: mine is strong as hell
svt exploder: 'cause the stock one blew?
BMade37: nope
BMade37: straight from the factory
BMade37: mine was the first model that came out
BMade37: mine was made in 1992 but sold in 1993
svt exploder: oh
svt exploder: got any proper pics of it?
BMade37: ive put alot of money into it
BMade37: proper?
svt exploder: well where i can see the rest?
BMade37: the rest
svt exploder: whats the suspension set-up?
BMade37: the body
BMade37: i have 4.5" coils front and rear
BMade37: adjustable control arms
svt exploder: so why im me?
BMade37: i dunno i like makin fun of fords
BMade37: but i want ur axle in the rear
svt exploder: yeah, no ****
BMade37: 8.8 with disc brakes
BMade37: hella nice for jeeps
svt exploder: nothing wrong with it in a awd 5.0 explorer either
BMade37: what gears?
svt exploder: but you can't have mine
svt exploder: i have 3.73s
BMade37: 3.73
BMade37: yea
svt exploder: no good for you
BMade37: figured
svt exploder: but right for me
BMade37: i need 4.56
BMade37: crawlin
BMade37: hell ya
svt exploder: you need higher than that for crawling
svt exploder: or i would at least
svt exploder: unless you drive it on the street
BMade37: no
BMade37: i need 4.56
BMade37: the best ratio for my tires
svt exploder: seriously why im me?
svt exploder: your not doing that good of a job of making fun of me
svt exploder: you didn't even know about my truck
svt exploder: i don't think you know me
svt exploder: so whats the deal?
BMade37: i saw u had a ford
BMade37: i like talkin about trucks and stuff
svt exploder: where'd you see?
svt exploder: on that post i made about the speakers?
BMade37: i thinl
svt exploder: that makes sense then...
BMade37: think
svt exploder: on the dodge forum or some such
svt exploder: ok, that makes some sense then
svt exploder: you ever seen a really modified offroad explorer?
BMade37: hell no
BMade37: i guess with alot of money it could happen
BMade37: but u need ALOT of $$$$$$$
BMade37 direct connection is closed.
svt exploder: there are actually quite a fe
svt exploder: that can do anything and more than a jeep like yours
BMade37: haha
svt exploder: want to see one?
BMade37: like i said $$$$$$$4
BMade37: im only 18
BMade37: so
BMade37: yea
BMade37: i have to pay for college and stuff
svt exploder: i'm 20
svt exploder: and i have what i have
svt exploder: and i'm in college also
BMade37: i have another pic
BMade37 wants to directly connect.
BMade37 is now directly connected.
BMade37: notin special
svt exploder: http://www.explorer4x4.com/specs.htm
svt exploder: check that out for me
svt exploder: thats a nice pic though
svt exploder: i like your truck
BMade37: do u know how much he has into that
svt exploder: not exactly
BMade37: its still ugly
svt exploder: but plenty
svt exploder: it is very capable
BMade37: yea
BMade37: true
BMade37: i bet it can wheel, but its still a ford!
svt exploder: look at the second page of pics
BMade37: i dunno
BMade37: give me another year
BMade37: i ahve a detroit locker in the rear
svt exploder: you gonna win the lottery?
BMade37: and 30spline axle shafts
BMade37: so my axle is pretty strong in the rear
BMade37: but i want an 8.8
svt exploder: http://www.explorer4x4.com/orloff/orloff.html
svt exploder: how about that one
svt exploder: wnat to go mudding?
BMade37: sick
BMade37: absolutly sick
BMade37: mudding isnt wheelin
svt exploder: i know what your saying
svt exploder: thats just insane though
svt exploder: his truck is great
svt exploder: know any jeeps that run 10s?
svt exploder: with full weight?
BMade37: maybe a 5.9
svt exploder: i'm pretty sure the explorers got all jeeps beat there
BMade37: nope
svt exploder: the 5.9 is substantially slower than me stock
svt exploder: but i'm modified
BMade37: haha
svt exploder: the 5.9 is a nice motor
svt exploder: but i'm talking fastest explorer vs. fastest jeep
svt exploder: and we'd win
BMade37: i dont know anything about fast jeeps or explorers
BMade37: just wheelin
svt exploder: oh, thats cool then
svt exploder: nevermind
BMade37: who did ur suspension?
svt exploder: i did
BMade37: good
BMade37: i hate *****es who pay people
svt exploder: i've paid for a few things
svt exploder: but not the big stuff
svt exploder: i paid for my brakes to get done a couple weeks ago
svt exploder: rather than do them myself
BMade37: i dont know how to do gears though
svt exploder: my best friend does
svt exploder: thats the trick
BMade37: i wish i did
svt exploder: find friends who can do stuff
svt exploder: then learn
BMade37: yea i have some
BMade37: but i want to know how
svt exploder: help them once and you should be able to do it the next time
BMade37: yea maybe
BMade37: oh well ive got alot to learn im young
BMade37: ive got time
svt exploder: where you from
svt exploder: like colorado?
svt exploder: that area?
BMade37: nah
BMade37: by seattle
svt exploder: oh cool
svt exploder: theres a guy with a wicked explorer up there
BMade37: where are u from
svt exploder: but is so modified you'll tell me its not even an explorer anymore
svt exploder: the midwest
BMade37: where abouts
svt exploder: minnesota
BMade37: oh ic
BMade37: any wheelin?
BMade37: or just racing
svt exploder: there is great wheeling a few hours north and south
svt exploder: and mud everywhere
svt exploder: most idiots around here mud
BMade37: i hate mud
svt exploder: and most idiots around here with jeeps set them up to look like their built for crawling
svt exploder: but they still have 3.27s and never leave the pavement
BMade37: haha\
BMade37: we call them part of the 1-5 fourwheel drive club
BMade37: i have a toyota to
BMade37: well its my friends and i
BMade37: we built it
BMade37: wana se
svt exploder: sure
BMade37: coils in the rear
BMade37: haha so badass
BMade37: 4 link suspension
svt exploder: that ones great
BMade37: u like
BMade37: it been a long ass project
BMade37: hella flexy
svt exploder: it looks good though
BMade37: 5.29 gears
svt exploder: does it run well?
svt exploder: stock motor?
BMade37: hell ya its a yota!
svt exploder: good
BMade37: yup
BMade37: well anyway
BMade37: im gonna go
BMade37: peace
BMade37 direct connection is closed.
svt exploder: later

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All i have to say is damn stupid people.

Got to love it when random idiots IM you just to be a$$es:rolleyes:

Yup.. Jeep has em.. Land Rover has em..

You IM people to diss their rides when you have a little weenie and a lot of time.

This sounds similar to the Land Rover one. Some people just need to get a life!

That's pretty funny, nice job on your end. Like Stephen said, you handled him perfectly.

I hate to make assumptions with no proof, but our newest member is a 19 year old YJ owner with no posts, so, who knows...........................


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Originally posted by expo5.0
BMade37: we call them part of the 1-5 fourwheel drive club

I think he means I-5... but thats pretty clever none-the-less.

But watch out BBXTrollDrew.. someone is going to comment that AWDs are not good for off-roadin. :D

thats awesome! he really is welcome to join the forum don't you guys think.

i have no hard feelings, and if he wants to come on and share/learn in a constructive manner (and i think he's capable of doing so) then i hope he does. maybe someone here has the rear axle he needs...

He must be a disturbed person to go out of his way to not only make fun of, but to IM a ford owner to talk ****. What an as$hole...I sure hope he comes on here to try to defend himself.

acually in 92 where called trucks not SUV's look at your owners manual they started calling them SUV's in 1994(correct me if im wrong)


it's still unibody, I don't care what he does to it, it will never have a frame.

Yea, I think he was looking for you to start going crazy at him so he could curse and call you names, but your threw him for a loop when you were being so curteous...great!!

All I could picture was some white trash guy with a really annoying voice, cut off shirt, and a budweiser hat.

Originally posted by Muskrat
it's still unibody, I don't care what he does to it, it will never have a frame.
I thought the Liberty was the first uni-body Jeep?


hahahahahahahaha, Cherokees sinse thbe early 80's have been unibody, and so are comanchees, well, they are weird, GC, and libertys, all Junk!

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Originally posted by X24
All I could picture was some white trash guy with a really annoying voice, cut off shirt, and a budweiser hat.

no X-24, it wasn't me.