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Ranger 3.0 heads question


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October 2, 2011
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1996 4dr 2wd Explorer
Well my girlfriends 2004 ranger edge has a recessed exhaust valve, so it’s time for new heads. Ive been looking around but haven’t really found all that much. I know the stock ones are built crappy, but what’s a good aftermarket set to throw on? I figure we should get new valves for it as well, what should I be looking for?

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take them to a machine shop and have valve seats installed and the rest as needed.

I bought a head for a 4.0 from Alabama Cylinder Heads a while back.
Since then they have changed their name; I'll see if I can get some
contact info for you.

Alabama Cylinder Heads is out of business now.
Rock Auto has several head choices for the 3.0,
you might want to check them out.