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Ranger 4r44e limp mode problem


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August 12, 2008
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98 Ranger XLT
This is about a tranny prob with 98 Ranger-4r44e trans....Rebuilt by aamco Aug 1st. All was well until a check engine light revealed an egr issue, next day od light began flashing and trans went into limp mode, with all the goodies that come with that (very rough shifts) Took back to aamco, by this time egr code had cleared. AAmcos scan revealed tourque converter issues, and they replaced it. One week later egr based check engine lite came back and tranny od light began flashing again. Limp mode of course clears on restarting truck. Back to aamco. Road test with scan box revealed no torque converter issues this time. Duty cycle is fine according to the tech. They tell me they can't continue diagnosing any possible other trans issues untill the egr prob is fixed. Are they blowing smoke, or is this true? With or without the egr code, limp mode does not occur until highway speed (60mph or above) Other than this issue, trans works perfectly. It shifts fine in all gears with the exception of hard shifts while in limp mode. Help!!!!!

Welcome to this forum! Do you have any code numbers? Was it the EGR or the DPFE sensor? Some transmission codes are related to worn out valve bodies. Rebuilding the valve body in these cases won't help. An entirely new valve body would be necessary unless the bores in the valve body are reamed, and resleeved.

Thanks for the welcome BrooklyBay. The OBD-II code i get is p0401, egr flow insufficient
I used an Auto xray code reader.