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Ranger bed rust?


May 10, 2005
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Lakeville, Minnesota USA
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1997 Explorer XL
Hello! I bought my 2011 Ranger new back in Nov 2011, and it has been a solid truck ..no issues other than new tires, brakes, and oil changes across 76000 miles. Over the last few months, however, I have noticed some rust at the bottom of the bed ... its at two points towards the right side of the bed, along the frame underneath... It seems to to be rusting from under the bed, and not the top? I was going to get a spray-in bedliner soon, but if its rusting from the underside, that would do no good. Anyone else have experience in this type of rust on a Ranger bed? Is there a good way to beat it, or is my Ranger doomed to cancer of the bed? Thank you for any help ! Have a great weekend!