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ranger clip on 1st gen X

ok, so my truck is kinda stranded until i finish the body lift but i was driving home from work in one of my relatives cars and i pull up next to this 1st gen....i see that the tires are really wide and i look closer....the guy drilled out the front rims and for the hubs and he was rolling on 20s....sweet. next thing, i catch a glimpe of the front corner and he has a clear corner but it definately isnt 1st gen, so im this little 2-dor saturn i mash it at the green light to get ahead of him (thank god for DOHC and a 5-speed!) and this guy has a 93-95 ranger stx grill and airdam, complete with foglights and clear corners and bilet grill, all painted to match his custom paint job (the truck was a metalic prruple and he had the liftgate shaved too).

anyways, i have heard of people putting the 98 ex fron ends on older exs and rangers but has anone else seen or heard of a kit t oput the ranger front (includeing grill and everything) on a first gen x? in theory, the clip should fit, right? i love my front end, but that thing was sweet..hopefully i will have a camera if i ever run into him again.

89-92 Rangers and 91-94 Explorers front ends are interchangeable minus the fenders. The Explorer Fenders are about three inches taller at the door.

ok, i kinda thought so i just had never seen it done before.